Only you can make this mission possible

1.  I can't do it alone,

2. I don't want  to do it alone. 

For this mission to be accomplished I must rely on the Church to support me and the work of this ministry. (Ephesians 4:12). I am asking you to Join my team and be the Body of Christ to fulfill this calling in my life. So Please prayerfully  consider partnering with my  ministry in the coming years!

Visit the my mission page to learn more about what I am doing! 

How to Join the Mission


1. Join My Financial Team

Financial Needs: September 2016-2018

For the two years I will need to raise $2,300 a month. This money will provide for my daily needs $1,875 a month: accommodationfood, clothes, transport well as My tuition for School Total: $5,400 US per year $425 US a month.

Ways to join:

1. Be a Monthly Supporter

  • Monthly supporters are the backbone of my finical support team. Monthly givers get to continually be involved in my mission as consistent financial support. 

. Give a one time gift

  • One time gifts are a incredibly important part of over all my financial support. If the Lord is moving you to give right now to this mission please do!

3. Creative gifts 

  • I need many things other than money, and I value creative giving, so please let me know if you have something other than money you would like to donate/give to the cause! 

I can't do this without you, please prayerfully consider joining my Financial support team Monthly or through a one time gift! 

If you have any questions about supporting me financially please CONTACT me anytime through the CONTACT page on this site. 

2. Join My Prayer Team

This mission is supported through financial giving, but it is fueled by prayer. Without prayer, this mission is pointless. I believe in the power of prayer, and that God answers prayer. 

If you wish to join my team, and you believe in the power of Prayer, please sign up to be a part of my prayer team. 

This Team will receive: 

1. A monthly prayer letter. 

  • with Monthly prayer request, and updates

2. Random prayer requests. *

  • with current specific prayer updates throughout the month, as certain needs present themselves. 

* I promise not to spam you. 

If you believe in the power of prayer, Be brave and join my prayer team!